About This PheWeb

Results displayed in this PheWeb include genome-wide associations for EHR-derived ICD billing codes from the White British participants of the UK Biobank. Phenotypes were classified into 1,419 broad PheWAS codes with counts ranging from 51 – 78,000 cases and 167,000 – 407,000 controls. All individuals were imputed using TOPMed (see paper), resulting in ~57 million variants after filtering for MAF≥0.005%. Analyses on binary outcomes were conducted using SAIGE (a generalized mixed model association test that uses the saddlepoint approximation to account for case-control imbalance), adjusting for genetic relatedness, sex, birth year and the first 4 principal components.

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All positions are on GRCh38. In a variant "A / C", "A" is the reference allele on the reference genome, and "C" is the alternate allele and is used for calculating Allele Frequency and Beta (effect size).